ABDC Publications 2020

1 Environmental consequences of population, affluence and technological progress for European countries: A Malthusian view 
  By: Nhat Minh Pham, Toan Luu Duc Huynh, Muhammad Ali Nasir
  Journal of Environmental Management, 260(2020)
2 Anchoring inflation expectations in the face of oil shocks & in the proximity of ZLB: A tale of two targeters
  By: Muhammad Ali Nasir, Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente, Toan Luu Duc Huynh
  Energy Economics. 86(2020)
3 Nexus between financialisation and natural resources rents: Empirical
evidence in a global sample
  By: Nguyen Phuc Canh, Nguyen Trung Thong
  Resources Policy, 66(2020)
4 Mindfulness and Job Performance: Does Creativity Matter?
  By: Liem Viet Ngo, Nguyen Phong Nguyen, Jenny Lee ("Jiyeon"), Vasiliki Andonopoulos
  Australasian Marketing Journal. 2020
5 Modelling volatility spillovers from the US equity market to ASEAN stock markets
  By: Xuan Vinh Vo, Thi Tuan Anh Tran
  Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. Volume 59, 2020
6 Role of Natural Resource Abundance, International Trade and Financial Development in the Economic Development of Selected Countries
  By: Trumel Redmond, Muhammad Ali Nasir
  Resources Policy. Vol. 66. 2020
7 One-way Effect or Multiple-way Causality: Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional Quality and Shadow Economy?
  By: Cong Minh Huynh, Vu Hong Thai Nguyen, Hoang Bao Nguyen, Phuc Canh Nguyen
  International Economics and Economic Policy. Vol. 17. 219-239
8 The Effect of Uncertainty on the Precious Metals Market: New Insights from Transfer Entropy and Neural Network VAR
  By: Toan Luu Duc Huynh
  Resources Policy. Volume 66. 2020
9 Financialisation of Natural Resources & Instability Caused by Risk Transfer in Commodity Markets
  By: Toan Luu Duc Huynh, Tobias Burggraf, Muhammad Ali Nasir
  Resources Policy. Volume 66. 2020
10 Land consolidation as technical change: Economic impacts in rural Vietnam
  By: Huy Quynh Nguyen; Warr, Peter
  World Development. Volume 127. 2020
11 Cryptocurrency reaction to FOMC Announcements: Evidence of heterogeneity based on blockchain stack position
  By: Corbet, Shaen; Larkin, Charles; Lucey, Brian; Meegan, Andrew; Yarovaya, Larisa
  Journal of Financial Stability. Volume 46. 2020
12 Team innovation in retail services: the role of ambidextrous leadership and team learning
  By: Duc, La Anh; Tho, Nguyen Dinh; Nakandala, Dilupa; Lan, Yi-Chen
  Service Business. Volume 14. Pages 167–186. 2020
13 Economic policy uncertainty and demand for international tourism: An empirical study
  By: Canh Phuc Nguyen; Schinckuse, Christophe; Thanh Dinh Su
  Tourism Economics
14 Fostering Well-Being Among Public Employees With Disabilities: The Roles of Disability-Inclusive Human Resource Practices, Job Resources, and Public Service Motivation
  By: Luu Trong Tuan; Rowley, Chris; Dinh Cong Khai; Qian, David; Masli, Eryadi; Hanh Quyen Le
  Review of Public Personnel Administration
15 The role of supervisor knowledge sharing behavior in stimulating subordinate creativity
  By: Le Cong Thuan
  VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems
16 Economic policy uncertainty and credit growth: Evidence from a global sample
  By: Canh Phuc Nguyen; Thai-Ha Le; Thanh Dinh Su
  Research in International Business and Finance. Volume 51. 2020 
17 The Devil might wear Prada, but Narcissus wears counterfeit Gucci! How social adjustive functions influence counterfeit luxury purchases
  By: Liem Viet Ngo; Northey, Gavin; Quan Tran; Septianto, Felix
  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. Volume 52. 2020
18 Motivating follower creativity by offering intellectual stimulation
  By: Le Cong Thuan
  International Journal of Organizational Analysis
19 Mediating mechanisms linking developmental feedback with employee creativity
  By: Thuan Le Cong; Thanh Bui Thi
  Journal of Workplace Learning
20 Do foreign shareholders improve corporate earnings quality in emerging markets? Evidence from Vietnam
  By: Vo, Xuan Vinh; Chu, Thi Kim Huong
  Cogent Economics & Finance
21 Role of Information and Communication Technologies and Innovation in Driving Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth in Selected G-20 Countries
  By: Thong Trung Nguyen, Thu Anh Thi Pham, Huong Thi Xuan Tram
  Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 261. 2020
22 Ownership Concentration, Corporate Risk-taking and Performance: Evidence from Vietnamese Listed Firms"
  By: Nam Hoai Tran & Chi Dat Le 
  Cogent Economics & Finance. Volume 8. Issue 1. 2020
23 What Makes Us Use The Shared Mobility Model? Evidence from Vietnam
  By: Toan Luu Duc Huynh, An Kim Hoang Vo, Thanh Hoang Ha Nguyen, Vy Bao Le Nguyen, Nhung Ngoc Hong Ho, Nguyen Binh Do
  Economic Analysis and Policy. Volume 66, Pages 1-13. 2020
24 Crypto-currencies Trading and Energy Consumption
  By: Christophe Schinckus, Canh Phuc Nguyen, Felicia Chong Hui Ling
  International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy. Volume 10(3). Pages 355-364
25 The COVID-19 Risk Perception: A Survey on Socioeconomics and Media Attention
  By: Toan Luu Duc Huynh
  Economics Bulletin. Volume 40, Issue 1. 2020
26 Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals: A Closer Look from Diversification Perspective
  By: Mobeen Ur Rehman, Xuan Vinh Vo
  Resources Policy. Volume 66. 2020
27 Portfolio Allocation Across Variance Risk Premia
  By:Julien Chevallier and Dinh-Tri Vo
  Journal of Risk Finance, Vol. 20 No. 5, pp. 556-593
28 Co-movements and spillovers between prices of precious metals and non-ferrous metals: A multiscale analysis
  By: Khamis Hamed Al-Yahyaee, Mobeen UrRehman, Idries Mohammad Wanas Al-Jarrah, Walid Mensi, Xuan Vinh Vo
  Resources Policy. Volume 67
29 Investigating the Agricultural Competitiveness of ASEAN Countries
  By: Viet Van Hoang
  Journal of Economic Studies. Vol. 47 No. 2, pp. 307-332
30 The Impact of Carbon Emissions on Country Risk: Evidence from the G7 Economies
  By: Sajid M. Chaudhry, Rizwan Ahmed, Muhammad Shafiullah, Toan Luu Duc Huynh
  Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 265
31 Replication: Cheating, Loss aversion, and Moral Attitudes in Vietnam
  By:Toan Luu Duc Huynh
  Journal of Economic Psychology. Volume 78
32 Entrepreneurship and Natural Resource Rent-seeking: The Roles of Institutional Quality
  Nguyen Phuc Canh, Sangho Kim, Su Dinh Thanh
  Economics Bulletin. Volume 40. Issue 2. Pages 1159-1177
33 Globalization and Carbon Emissions: Is there any Role of Agriculture Value-added, Financial Development, and Natural Resource Rent in the Aftermath of COP21?
  By: Lei Wang, Xuan Vinh Vo, Muhammad Shahbaz, Aysegul Ak
  Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 268
34 The Behavioral Consequences of Regret, Anger, and Frustration in Service Settings
  By: Angelina Nhat Hanh Le & Huong Xuan Ho
  Journal of Global Marketing. Volume 33, Issue 2, Pages 84-102
35 Shopping Value, Trust, and Online Shopping well-being: a Duality Approach
  By: Ho Trong Nghia, Svein Ottar Olsen, Nguyen Thi Mai Trang
  Marketing Intelligence & Planning
36 Dependency on FDI Inflows and Stock Market Linkages
  By: Dinh-Tri Vo
  Finance Research Letters
37 Risk Communication, Women’s Participation and Flood Mitigation in Vietnam: An Experimental Study
  By: Phung Thanh Binh, Xueqin Zhu, Rolf A.Groeneveld, Ekko C.van Ierlandb
  Land Use Policy
38 A Quarter Century of Inflation Targeting & Structural Change in Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Evidence from The First Three Movers
  By: Muhammad Ali Nasir, Xuan Vinh Vo
  Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. Volume 54, Pages 42-61